South Central WI Chapter

Deb Bushy – A Moment of Stillness

Meeting Day: We usually meet the third Tuesday of each month. During Covid, we have been meeting online in the evening.  When we can meet in-person, we hope to expand our meetings back to having lunch, dinner meetings and weekends when possible.

Locations of meetings:  We are currently meeting online. Alternately we meet at various locations: artist studios, museums, workshops, galleries, etc. As our membership covers the South and Western regions of Wisconsin and we attempt to vary the location and times to allow for members outside of Madison to attend.

Exhibitions: Besides the state-wide exhibitions, our chapter holds at least 2 exhibitions a year for South Central members. We hold our annual Fall Members Exhibition at UW Hospitals in Madison and the second varies in location and timing. We also hold online exhibitions posted on our website.

A little about us: We cover a broad portion of Wisconsin, from the Madison area, east to Watertown, south to Beloit, west to the Mississippi River and as far north as Eau Claire.  There are no strict boundaries.  We attempt to conduct our monthly program with a spotlight on local events, galleries and venues while we showcase our own members and cater to their interests. Our chapter members receive emails twice each month with Program news and updates.  


Chair: Mary Tilton -mailto:
Vice Chair: Jayne Reid Jackson 
Secretary: Merikay Payne 
Treasurer: Cary Hunkel 
Membership Chair: Kathleen Walter -mailto:
Program Chair: vacant
Exhibition Committee:  Paula Schiller, Patricia Keller, Kathryn Lederhause, Kathleen D’Angelo, Barbara Vater