Amy Carani

Amy Carani

Biographical Info Amy Carani began painting precise, geometric abstract artwork with pop culture influenced themes about twenty years ago. With her work, Amy wanted to produce clean and precise paintings with a bold visual impact. Her work is typically on square canvas in a wide range of sizes. Colorful shapes are formed and outlined with sharply defined black acrylic paint. These shapes often represent the general theme while telling a story. Amy developed a painting system that consist of rulers and compass bows to assist in my desired precision. Her final step in my painting process is when she paints the black outline edges freehand with a small brush. While she does not, most suspect that Amy uses tape or masks to create the black outlines due to the precise nature of my paintings. Pop culture – especially music – is a common ground that Amy shares with many. She adapts popular music or popular cultural references by abstracting the themes on to canvas. The solid blocks of color and black lines guide the visual story. When connecting pop culture themes and her geometric painting style, Amy creates an easy accessibility for those that may not be familiar with abstraction in visual art. Visual art as a whole does not have the mass appeal of popular culture. By creating crisp geometric abstract paintings that connect visual art and pop culture themes, it not only generates an accessibility in abstract art, but creates new art appreciation, new art collectors, and a positive impact for the local art community, too.

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